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About me



I am a Basque artist and architect. I studied Architecture in Barcelona and I have been working for the last 6 years in London. My work seeks to place itself in a space between disciplines. I would say that I think of sculpture when I am designing a building and that I try to achieve the dynamism of cinema in my paintings. My latest pictorial work explores movement inside images thought superposition and collision of multiples realities. My work searches for an enigmatic and latent way of expressing our complex reality.


My work is strongly influenced by the context where it has been produced and it aims to have a direct dialogue with contemporary culture and society. City architecture and the Queer scene are the backgrounds of my work. Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Picasso, or Jorge Oteiza are, together with many other artists, architects, and writers, strong references for my practice.
The experimentation with light and space in a live environment is a common drive in all the disciplines I work on. Each project demands the use of new techniques, which I am always willing to explore.

We are a result of the crossing. My life and work inhabit the border, as the only possible place where we can avoid restrictive definitions and conventions. My work moves between disciplines, between reality and abstraction, between the sacred and the profane, between political commitment and hedonism, between the erotic and the pornographic, between the light and the shadows.

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